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        Oahu Condo Sales Reach 15-Year High in March 2021

        With single-family home for-sale inventory so constrained—especially in the entry-level price range—condo sales shot up in March to the most since 2006. Home prices are expected to continue to climb into late spring and early summer, pushed upward by strong buyer demand, extremely low inventory and highly competitive market conditions.


        Oahu real estate market hits record prices again for the month of February 2021

        The Oahu real estate market is more competitive than ever, evidence of Oahu’s strong demand for housing and the lack of supply for sale. February 2021 hit records again, in several market indicators, signs of strong demand and a continued competitive market. Home and condo prices are at record highs, days on market at record lows, and the percent of sales bid-up over asking price at all-time highs.


        Oahu home prices finish the year strong in December 2020

        Median real estate prices on Oahu have not suffered from COVID-19 impact. Median home prices are well above last year’s levels, and condo median prices are rising above last year. The final median prices for 2020 are $830,000 for homes and $435,000 for condos, up 5% and 2% from last year, respectively. Lack of inventory for sale is the Oahu real estate market’s biggest issue, adding pressure on prices and increased competition for buyers. Homes for sale are scarcer than they have ever been, with only 453 active listings on the market.