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Locations Foundation

Our Mission

To ensure the future of our community by enhancing the lives of our children through four pillars:? Education, Health, Mentoring and Safety.

Our Values

Care & Share with Compassion
Passionately Give-Back through Volunteerism
Foster Prudent, Disciplined Leadership
We are?Better Together

Our History

We launched our charitable nonprofit, Locations Foundation, in 1988 to improve local communities and help change the lives of Hawaii children and families in need. Our Foundation provides every Locations team member a trusted way to give back to the communities we work in.

All Foundation members are Locations agents and staff—to-date 200 active volunteers donate part of their annual income and free time each year. As a company, Locations donates more than 2,620?volunteer hours to service projects throughout our island communities and a portion?of our profits to local charitable causes—in 2019, totaling nearly?$220,000.

Locations Foundation supports over 100 Hawaii family and children focused nonprofits.

Foundation News

Click here?to?read?the latest Foundation news and event recaps.

Contact Us

If you represent a local charity and would like additional information about our services, send emails and inquiries to TheFoundation@LocationsHawaii.com.

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