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Locations is Hawaii’s kama’aina real estate company since 1969. Search Hawaii real estate with the Locations mobile app, download it today. What is your Hawaii home is worth?   Find out instantly. Gain a competitive edge with our Hawaii real estate market reports!
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E Komo Mai

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We know home ownership is one of your most personal and important life decisions, and our coordinated team of highly-trained agents and support staff work directly for you. Locations is the most trusted real estate firm in Hawaii, and we’ll help you find the place you want to come home to.

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We believe real estate is still about people. At Locations, we achieve our goals by helping you to achieve yours. Meeting our clients’ goals drives every part of our business—that’s why 98% of our clients would recommend Locations to their family and friends.

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All Locations agents work full-time to give you a distinct decision-making advantage, armed with original local market research from our in-house analysts. We sell more houses and have more agents in the Top 100 than any other local brokerage because real estate isn’t our hobby—we live it every day.

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There’s an island neighborhood to suit every lifestyle, and Locations has the agents who know them intimately.

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